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On 1st July attack by Islamic terrorists

Our country is now passing through a very critical period when underground Islamic fascistic forces have intensified their terroristic attacks, threatening the life of every innocent citizen. On 1st July at about 9 PM a group of Islamic terrorists suddenly entered a restaurant and killed 21 innocent hostages, men and women, which include foreigners and Bangladeshis and two policemen. The restaurant is located in the diplomatic zone of the capital of Bangladesh, which is supposed to be highly protected area. The miscreants kept the other persons inside the restaurants as hostages. After ten hours, the hostages were rescued by the joint action of army and police by killing six terrorists. This is not the first action of the Islamic terrorists. This is so far the biggest action performed by them. But small underground religious fundamentalist groups under various names had started their terroristic activities long back by bombing cultural functions, cinema hall, courts, public meeting of CPB (our party). Some of their leaders were arrested and later on hanged after trial. Then again, we observe a new wave of terroristic attacks since last year. Within one year, more than 50 persons have been killed. This time they have adopted the tactics of target killing. Last year they targeted mostly secular minded and scientifically oriented writers, bloggers and publishers. In the latter part of the last year and in the present year they have extended the list of the targets. Now they have killed number of Hindu and Christians priests, creating religious communal problem, which may affect political situation in our sub-continent. Even Muslims belonging to different sects are also are targeted. The international organization like ISIS claimed that they did most of these actions. However, govt. denied the existence of ISIS or any other international terrorist groups in Bangladesh. Not only that, Home Minister, repeatedly said that those killings were isolated incidents, thereby denying the seriousness of the situation. He claimed that law and order situation is very good and normal. That means, gravity of the situation is ignored. The government has neither the capacity nor the seriousness to step such vicious terrorist activities. On most cases, they put blame on the main bourgeois opposition party BNP. The BNP is a right wing party and has alliance with Islamic fundamentalist party Jamat-E-Islam, whose main leaders have recently been convicted and executed by courts’ order for their role in our war of liberation in 1971. It is true that the ideological and political stand of BNP, one the two major political parties of the country, had encouraged the religious fundamentalists. But there is no proof that the party as such is involved in the terrorist activity. The ruling party being very short-sighted, want to put entire blame on the opposition party only to gain immediate political advantage. Again, BNP is also playing the same blame-game. Both of the bourgeois parties are not serious about the danger of Islamic fundamentalism. On certain occasion, the ruling party showed determination in carrying on the trial of the Jamat leaders for the crimes committed by them against humanity in 1971, as a war partner of Pakistan. Still the ruling party Awami League often compromises with or surrenders to the ideology of the religious fundamentalism and betrays the cause of secularism. More over the present government is highly undemocratic, repressive and adopts the policy of extra-judicial killings and making election a mere farce. Such undemocratic atmosphere created condition for the growth of underground terrorist groups. Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) condemns the religious terrorist activities, including the most recent one, in the killing on 1st July, 2016. The party condole the deaths of those foreigners and Bangladeshis who were brutally killed by the terrorists. The party decided to mobilize people with a view to develop mass resistance against terrorism. However, without the active support of the state machinery it is not possible to face such a situation. The dangerous situation is been precipitated as part of global conspiracy by the imperialism and reactionary circles. After the tragic incident of the restaurant on 1st July, Prime Minister alleged that some forces are active to prove Bangladesh as failed state. Home Minister said that, foreign agencies are involved in it. Our suggestion is that conspiracy can be foiled if people can be mobilized against such conspiracy along with proper state action against the miscreants. We also demand that democratic space should be widened and political freedom should be ensured. That would create a healthy atmosphere and communal harmony.

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