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CPB Delegate meet President to discuss Formation of Election Commission, Electoral Government and Renovation of Electoral System (Unofficial translation)
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Upon invitation from the honorable President Md. Abdul Hamid as a part of the ongoing dialogue with political parties regarding appointment of new Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners, a 9-member delegation led by the president of the Communist Party of Bangladesh Comrade Mujahidul Islam Selim met the President at the Bangabhaban on 5 January at 6 p.m. The other members of the delegation were: the General Secretary of CPB Comrade Syed Abu Zafar Ahmed, Presidium members Hayder Akbar Khan Rono, Md. Shah Alam, Lakshmi Chakrabarty, Sazzad Zahir Chandan, Mihir Ghosh and members of the Central Committee Ruhin Hossain Prince and Abdullah Kaafi Ratan. With the goal of ensuring free, fair, neutral and credible elections, the Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) submitted its proposals to the President on three major issues. Those are: (1) Formation of the Election Commission, (2) Election time Government and (3) Fundamental reorganisation of the entire electoral system. Proposals regarding Election Commission: CPB put forward the opinion that appointing the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners should not be made dependent on dialogue with the political parties; rather the entire system should be brought under a legal framework. For this, appropriate law should be framed according to Article-118 of the constitution, which will include the provision to set up a ‘Select Committee’. The ‘Select Committee’, may consist of the Chief Justice, or the Attorney General, the Speaker, Chairman of Public Service Commission, Auditor General and chiefs of other Constitutional bodies, and two renowned neutral personalities nominated by the President. There should be a rule so that the Select Committee can propose a primary list of persons from among whom the Commission can be appointed. [07 (Seven) proposals have been made regarding this issue] Election time Government: CPB put forward the opinion that the authority of the Election time Government should be decreased and kept limited to only care- taker purpose performing the most necessary routine activities. The Constitution should be amended accordingly. [02 (Two) proposals have been made regarding this issue] Reorganising of the entire Electoral System: CPB put forward the opinion that an independent, capable, experienced and neutral Election Commission is very important for organising a free, fair, neutral and authentic Election. Though this is a ‘necessity’, this is not ‘enough’. It is quite impossible to organise a free, fair, neutral and credible Election, unless the entire Electoral System of our country is radically reorganise. In order to reorganise the entire Electoral System, ‘Proportional Representation’ system should be implemented. The election should be freed from the influence of money power, muscle power, administrative manipulation and communal propaganda. The number of reserved slots for women will have to increased and they shall have to be elected directly by the voters, until the ‘proportional representation’ system is introduced. The people should have the power to remove an elected representative, if he/she fails to perform his/her duties properly. If a voter finds no party or candidate qualified enough, then he/she should have the choice of giving ‘NO’ vote. [44 (Forty-Four) proposals under 15 (Fifteen) heads have been made regarding this issue]

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