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Fidel Castro: An Impeccable revolution against Imperialism Comrade Selim on CPB’s Mourning (Unofficial translation)
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Commandant-in-Chief Fidel Castro, outstanding leader of the Cuban revolution, staunch internationalist and architect of socialism is no more. Suppressed people all over the world and their organization lose a great friend. To mourn him Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) organized a condolence meeting at Maitri Auditorium of Mukti Bhaban on 28th November. Where the president of the party Mujahidul Islam Selim said, Comrade Fidel Castro is an impeccable name against imperialism. He is the symbol of revolution for the people of this world, who are engaged in fight for independence. Castro brilliantly led the revolutionary uprising against the hated Batista regime in Cuba. The Cuban revolution which succeeded in 1959 became the first socialist revolution in the western hemisphere. Under his dynamic leadership Cuba emerged from the shackles of semi-colonialism and slavery and built a society where tremendous strides were made to create a socially just society with universal education, health care, food provisioning, women’s rights and racial equality. Canceling all the blockades and conspiracies by the imperialism; He not only saved the Cuban revolution, but also took Cuba forward in an outstanding manner. Imperialism attempted to kill him for more than 600 times, but failed. Under Fidel’s leadership the Cuban revolution undertook an internationalist role which was truly remarkable. Fidel dispatched the Cuban armed

forces to help the struggle against colonialism and imperialism in Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. Under his leadership Cuba continued to render internationalist service by sending doctors and teachers to various third world countries. The Cuban revolution became a beacon light for all revolutionary and progressive movements in Latin America and inspired the Left advances there. Fidel Castro became a revolutionary icon for the third world countries and inspired generations of young people. He played a leading role in the Non-Aligned Movement. Fidel was as strong as mountain in the question of Socialism. He stood beside all the suppressed people of the world with the flag of Socialism in hands. His struggle was spread all over the world. The people of Bangladesh will never forget the whole-hearted support of Fidel Castro and his party during the great liberation war of 1971. Comrade Fidel Castro will stay alive in the fight for liberation of all the suppressed people all over the world. In his passing away an era has ended. But his revolutionary legacy will endure. His life and example will continue to inspire revolutionaries and progressives all over the world in times to come. He will remain as a source of inspiration in the Communist movement. CPB’s central committee member, Md. Kibria gave inaugural speech; Central committee’s adviser Manjurul Ahsan Khan and Presidium member Haydar Akbar Khan Rono

were among the other speakers. In remembrance of Comrade Fidel Castro, leaders of other organisations also pay tribute to the revolutionary leader Castro. Mahbubul Alam, Anowar Hossain Reza, Nimai Ganguly, Kazi Ruhul Amin are delivered their homage from various trade union, labor and peasant organization. Democratic lawyer’s association of Bangladesh’s leader Hasan Tarique Chowdhury, Youth union leader Hafiz Adnan Riad, Cultural mass organization Udichi’s leader Jamshed Anowar Tapan and Students’ Union leader Lucky Akhter also delivered their homage. A documentary named “Fidel: The Untold Story” was screened at the end of mourning. The condolence was moderated by CPB’s presidium member Sazzad Zahir Chandan. At the beginning The leaders of CPB and other organisations paid tribute to the portrait of Fidel Castro, then cultural organization Udichi’s artists performed revolutionary songs. Participants of the mourning observed a minute’s silence to pay respect to Fidel Castro. Committee’s of CPB’s various levels around the country also organised condolence as per directions from the central committee. Black flag was flown in the offices of CPB all over the country and the red flag with symbol of sickle and hammer was flown half-must. The party workers wore black badges. In meeting Comrade Manjur said, the Cuban revolution is totally different from all the other revolutions. The success

of Cuba in the fields of education and health and other is astonishing. The great leader of Cuban revolution Fidel Castro taught his people about how to fight against imperialism. This fight spread not only in Latin America, but also all over the world. With the death of this great revolutionary leader, a great revolutionary life comes to end. His death has caused huge damage to the socialist movement of 21st century. The oppressed and persecuted people of all over the world have lost a great leader. The name of Fidel Castro will remain forever in the world’s communist movement. Comrade Rono said, Fidel Castro was able to start the revolution with only 82 people only because of his strength and courage. In spite of being a very small country, Cuba became a headache for the mighty country USA, only because of its idealistic strength. Under Fidel’s leadership, Cuba move forward and also the leftists came to power in Latin America, taking inspirations from Fidel. Fidel Castro taught his people that to fight for the compatriots is a great thing and fighting for the people of other countries is even greater. Comrade Kibria said, Fidel could feel the heart bits of the Latin American people. He wonderfully blended the Marxist-Leninist philosophy with the thoughts of people in Cuba. He connected the thoughts of Jose Marty with Marxism successfully. He will remain as a symbol of youth in the fight for Socialism.

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