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Welcome Speech of Haider Akbar Khan Rono
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I would like to welcome comrade President, delegates from the fraternal parties, honorable guests, comrades and friends to the open session of the 11th congress of the Communist Party of Bangladesh. It’s my honor to offer you with revolutionary greetings and best wishes. I must have to acknowledge the heartiest cooperation, help and support, made by the friends and well-wishers of our party, to bring success to the congress. We convey our earnest gratitude to the Honorable Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation for his granting the due permission of making Dhaka Metropolitan Theatre as the venue of the congress. Our party comrades have made relentless effort to materialize this grand event. Most of the money of our expenses has been made through the mass collection. Peasant comrades from few districts have collected food materials for the four day long congress. These are the signatures of the mass orientation of our party. It is no wonder that the party of the working class is dependent on the working people. The vibrant participation of thousands of comrades and valiant fighters against oppression has bent us to recall the glorious history of our party. As the country is being grieved by both the authoritarianism and communalism, this huge crowd of revolutionaries, who are upholding the red flag inscribed with the hammer and sickle, is declaring the determination to fight against the imperialism, absolutism, communalism, plunderage altogether. We are ready to embrace a huge challenge through this congress. Comrades, The ruling powers have chosen the pathway that has least resemblance to the spirit of the Great Liberation War, rather they have taken the quite opposite of it. As the ‘ruling power’ I am not drawing any line between the government parties and their bourgeois oppositions. They want to obliterate the nation of ‘Socialism’, one of the four pedestals of the Constitution. They all have been propelling the looting mode of capitalism. Thus the looting of state wealth and general people’s wealth is in monopoly now and investment in industry is in declining mode. Extravagance in luxury and money laundering is on the hike. Along with this worst mode of capitalism imperialism has engulfed us as well. The present government and their predecessors have been collaborating with the imperialistic powers and local plunderers to rob our natural resources. The absence of democracy is cursing the working class most. Comrades, People bear least trust on the bourgeoisie oppositions of the government. making folk with the war criminals and communal powers they have instigated religious communalism that ultimately aggravated the political disaster. Comrades, This is the high time for us to uphold the baton of democracy and secularism. And, yes, only we the leftist-communists can surely do this very job. Comrades, Let us declare the determination that we, communists, will be the champion of fight for democracy, communists will be the vanguard of national struggle against the imperialism, we will uphold the spirit of secularism and communal harmony, communists will lead the country towards ultimate emancipation of all odds and thus towards the socialism. We must carry this very spirit from the 11th congress of our party. Haider Akbar Khan Rono Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the 11th congress Communist Party of Bangladesh (Unofficial translation)

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