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11th Congress of CPB on way
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Eleventh Congress of CPB (Communist Party of Bangladesh), the party of struggle of the country, is going to be staged on October 28-31 in Dhaka. The opening ceremony of this huge event will be made through the inaugural rally at Sohrawardy Udyan at 2 p.m., Friday. The rally will be densed with red flags hoisted by thousands of comrades from around the country. Finally the rally will march on different streets of the city and then conclude at the Central Shaheed Minar. The foreign delegates from different fraternal parties of the world will be introduced on the stage of inaugural occasion. Besides, a lyrical representation/performance, ÒDin Bodoler PalaÓ (Tale for Social Change), is designed to be staged by Udichi Shilpigosthi, the largest cultural organization of the country. The 10th congress of CPB was held on 11-13 October 2012. By the constitutional provision the congress has to be held after every four years. The party of peasants, workers and working class, CPB is a successor organisation to the All India Communist Party which was formed at a convention of the nationalist revolutionaries held in Cownpur on 26 December 1925. Then The Communist Party of Pakistan was formed on 6 March 1948 by the councilors from East and West Pakistan attending the second congress of the All India Communist Party held in Calcutta. The Communist leaders in East Bengal had important role in organising the LANGUAGE MOVEMENT. The Party workers continued their activities under the banner of Awami Muslim League, and then under the shade of National Awami Party (1957). The military government of Ayub Khan launched deliberate repressive measure against the leaders and workers of the already banned Communist Party. Some party leaders had to undergo imprisonment. The Party accorded full support to the SIX-POINT PROGRAMME (1966) of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. In 1968, an independent Communist Party in East Pakistan was formed. The Party actively participated in the MASS UPSURGE against the autocratic rule in 1969, and also during the nationwide upheaval including the non-cooperation movement of 1971. The leaders and workers of the Communist Party of East Pakistan actively participated in the WAR OF LIBERATION in 1971. Comrade Moni Singh, the president of the party, was a member of the advisory council of the Bangladesh government in exile. A special guerilla force under the direct command of CPB-NAP-BSU fought valiantly against the Pakistan occupation army. After the liberation of the country the Party changed its name as the Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB), and the Party first in its history got the opportunity to mobilise its activities openly and freely. The CPB leaders and workers were victims to serious repression under the military government in 1975. The Party leaders in the centre and in district labels were arrested, warrants were issued against many (1976), and in October 1977 CPB was declared banned. The CPB joined the 15-party alliance in 1983 against the military rule of Hussein Muhammad Ershad and had a vital role in the oust Ershad movement in 1990. CPB is giving priority to the urgent task of fighting religious fundamentalism, and the party is working to build up united movement with left and secular democratic forces. ÒRevolutionary democratic change towards the socialismÓ and left-democratic alternative against the bi-party polarization of Awami League and BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist party) are the two invocations of this congress. Thus the ultimate slogan of this congress has been composed as ÒDemolish communalism, imperialism, plunderage, absolutism.Ó This 11th congress of CPB is a remarkable preparatory step towards the aspired political change in the country. On the eve of the congress all the branch, upazila (territory of district) and district committees of the party have done with respective councils. Through these councils 683 councilors have been elected to participate the congress and among them 217 are women and 17 are from aboriginal entity. 108 comrades from across the country are selected and the observer of the congress. 99 veteran comrades have been especially invited to attend the congress. The closed-door organizational session will began at 9 am, 29th October, at Kazi Bashir Auditorium (Mahanagar Nattya Mancha), Gulistan and will be continued till the afternoon of 31th October. In this session discussions and decisions will be made on the political proposal and the organizational report to the congress. Abiding by the constitutional rule the central committee distributed draft political resolution among the party comrades just three months ahead of the congress. Amendments to the constitution, reports of the audit committee, control commission, credential committee has to be heightened in and endorsed by the congress. In the concluding session the central committee and control commission for the next four years will be elected and national council will be announced. In addition, there will be an international seminar on ÒImperialism, neoliberals and religious communalismÓ is going to be held at the conference room (1st floor) of the National Press Club at 3 pm, Saturday. Foreign delegates to the congress will discuss in the seminar. In schedule there are cultural programs to be staged at Mahanagar Nattya Mancha in October 29 and 30, from 7.30 pm to 9 pm; renowned artist of the country are going to perform in these cultural episodes. Foreign delegates are to deliver their speeches to the congress at 12 pm in October 29. Veteran comrades will receive an ovation at 6 pm in October 30. Thousands of comrades and well-wisher are working hard to make the congress successful. General people are helping us in various means. Mass collection, financial aid from party comrades and well-wishers are the sources to meet up the expenses of this congress. More than five hundred comrades in fifteen sub-committees under the central preparatory committee are making their best efforts to arrange the congress. 500 volunteers are to be installed on this grand occasion. Even more volunteers from district levels are ready to join just from the inaugural session. 26 delegates from 10 countries are to participate and offer solidarity in the congress. So there, this congress is welcome all the people, who are thinking of a positive change to make a better Bangladesh and a social reform towards communism via socialism.

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